Woman makes $13 million a year opening toys on Youtube

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By Victor Ochieng

People are always interested in learning about how rich people make their money. For one woman who only identifies herself on YouTube as DisneyCollectorBR, she has taken a direction that many wouldn’t contemplate. But the reality is that she rakes in an estimated $13 million every year out of it. She makes that kind of money by creating videos of herself opening toys then posting them on her YouTube channel.

That’s not necessarily a conventional way of making money, but it works for her. She’s taking advantage of that exciting feeling everyone gets when opening gifts. It’s the same feeling experienced when going to the post office and finding that you have a gift box, or when someone special gives you a package on your birthday.

Clearly, that’s the feeling that DisneyCollectorBR is targeting in order to draw hundreds of millions of views to her videos. The good thing about watching her is that she never disappoints; she always finds a way to make every new video exciting.
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She chooses to keep her name a secret, and only her fingers are shown on camera and her voice is heard, so her identity is a mystery, too.

Being famous online makes it difficult to fully conceal your identity forever. People are beginning to be curious and dig to find out who this woman really is.
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Sources say that the fingers on the videos belong to some Brazilian woman living in Florida, and it is believed that her husband is the one behind another popular YouTube channel called BluCollection. Her husband’s channel is focused on toys for boys, lending credence to the whole speculation. The Brazilian connection is supported by the fact that at times, she speaks Brazilian Portuguese. Consequently, many have concluded that the BR in her name stands for Brazil.
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With her videos already viewed 5.1 billion times and 45 of them viewed more than 20 million times, it’s clear that business is booming for her. She has more than 3.7 million subscribers and six of her videos have crossed the 70 million mark.

But the question that remains: Who is DisneyCollectorBR?