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Woman coming home freezes to death a few steps from her front door

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By Angela L. Braden

A New Jersey woman was found dead lying face down in snow just a few steps away from her townhome.

Olivia Benito, 66, visited a friend the night before after attending a benefit event.  Benito reportedly left the friend’s house at around midnight and began walking to her home, which was just two doors down.  But before the woman could make it home, something went terribly wrong.

Benito was found the next morning at around 7:00 a.m. by the same neighbor she was with the night before. The neighbor quickly called 911, in addition to trying to revive the woman.  However, when emergency officials arrived to the scene, Benito was pronounced dead.

Police officers believe that Benito, who had reportedly had a few drinks at the event and again later that night with her friend, had fallen and then froze to death.  The temperature was 10 degrees outside on the night that Benito attempted to walk home.

Emergency officials and law enforcement told news sources that they did not find any evidence of trauma or foul play.

Benito’s husband, Louis, said that he realized his wife did not come home that night.  However, he was convinced that his wife may have spent the night at the neighbor’s house, so he did not go and look for her.  If he had, what he would have found was his wife, only a few steps from their front door, lying dead in snow.

It is unclear how long the woman was outside before she actually died.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine an official cause and time of death.



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