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Woman Brags at Trial That She Was “Michelangelo of Buttocks Injections”

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A woman on trial for mυrder after administering illegal butt injections said Windsloweon Thursday that she’d become known as the “Michelangelo of bυttocks injections” for her enhancement work.

Padge Victoria Windslowe, a hip hop artist known also as “Black Madam,” is accused of taking the life of a dancer known as “London” during an illegal injection that involved industrial grade silicone and Krazy Glue. The procedure was administered at an airport hotel.

Windslowe fled after the dancer became ill but police continued to investigate both Winslowe and the growing black market butt injection industry.

During trial, Windslowe boasted of her body sculpting reputation.

“Everyone was calling me ‘the Michelangelo of buttocks injections,'” said Windslowe, 45, on Thursday, according to the Associated Press. “God’s blessed my hands with everything I touch. I make lots of money, in lots of ways.”

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Windslowe is charged with third-degree mυrder and mαnslaughter, among other charges.

After the dancer began having trouble breathing during a touch-up procedure in 2011, Windslowe went on the run.

“It’s a nutso situation,” defense lawyer David Rudenstein openly admitted during closing statement. “It almost blows your mind listening to it.”

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According to the AP, Windslowe put on quite a performance during her court appearance.

“The buxom Windslowe wore a low-slung white T-shirt, white skirt and white knee socks to court, along with white sneakers and a large white cross,” the AP reported. “Berry-tinged makeup defined her chiseled lips and cheeks.”

Two of Windslowe’s clients testified that she charged $1,000 to $2,000 per procedure and had worked as a nursing assistant to a plastic surgeon. buy sinequan online sinequan no prescription

“She just kept saying she has chest pains, she has chest pains,” said Scheffee Wilson, who remained with the dancer. “I was there all night. I was the one who called the ambulance.”

She said Windslowe had fled by then.

Windslowe faces 20 to 40 years in prison.