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Woman Accused of Trying to Kick Owners Out of $4.7 Million Dollar Mansion

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A Missouri woman is accused of trying to file false paperwork to steal a $4.7mansion theft million dollar mansion.

According to police, Lakresha Slaughter, who went by the name “Queen”, filed false paperwork to take possession of the luxury home even though the owners were still residing there.

The couple that owned the home had put it up for sale, then took it off the market, when Slaughter filed a sovereign claim on the home, Fox 2 St. Louis reports.

Police say Slaughter thought the home was abandoned so she and her husband filed the paperwork.

A letter sent to the owners demanded that they turn over the keys within 10 days. The paperwork claimed Slaughter owned the home, so the owners took the letter down to the deeds office for clarification.

“Slaughter goes by the name “Queen Makieah Ali Bay.”  Police say she considers herself a Moorish American National and part of the sovereign citizens movement.  An increasing number people claiming to follow Moorish Science have filed false legal documents like fake liens, deeds, and property claims. Many sovereign citizens say they are answerable only to their interpretation of the law,” Fox 2 News reports.

Slaughter told police that her father encouraged her to take back the land since it originally belonged to her. She claims an unnamed man advised her to change her name and lay claim to the home, which would lead to ownership being handed over to her within 10 days.

She is now charged with filing false documents.

With so many homes foreclosed and abandoned, many more people are attempting to lay claim to homes. In 2014, a Georgia woman was evicted after allegedly having lived illegally in a home for five years.



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