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When a Woman’s fed Up: Signs That a Woman Is Leaving

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fed-upBy Tamala Perkins

A long time ago, R&B singer R. Kelly released a song called “when a woman’s fed-up” and many people listened to it and sang along but for some people, it was actually a reality.

Women tend to go into relationships with a lot of hope and optimism but once they lose that hope and optimism, they start preparing to leave. The following are the signs that a woman is fed up and she is about to leave:

She stops complaining

Men tend to joke about women talking too much or nagging them and the truth is many women do talk a lot more than men and what men may call nagging and complaining is often just the women telling them what they want.
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When a woman is fed up and is about to leave, she will no longer ask for anything or nag. There’s no point because she has concluded that she will never get what she wants from her man or the relationship. Unfortunately for many men, when a woman stops talking and complaining, they think she is content and they are usually wrong. Many of these men then feel blind-sided when their wife or significant other leaves.
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She looks at you out of the corner of her eye

When a woman is disgusted by a man, she stops being able to look at him directly in the eyes. A woman who is fed up and on her way out tends to glance at her man sideways, usually in contempt, disappointment or disgust.
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She starts “getting her money right”

When a woman loves and trusts a man she is more likely to relax and let him take care of her, even if it’s only partially, but once she decides that he has not met her expectations and never will, that comes to an end. Women who have been content to be home with the kids and not work will typically get jobs and if they already had jobs or other income, they start saving more diligently. This is all preparation for a life without the man she is about to leave.

What other signs do you know of?