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What To Do When Life Throws You Curves, here’s what you can do

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By:  Early Jackson

With a name like Early it’s never a good idea for me to walk into a meeting late. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “Hey everyone; Early is late!” I would be retired on a private island. To stay true to my name I often find myself rushing to my next appointment. To be clear, I try to maintain a safe speed limit most of the time. But sometimes you just have to get there. About two blocks from my home is a ‘S’ shaped curve that requires my full attention. Every couple of months one of the guard rails is replaced. It seems this is a popular place for drivers to underestimate the curve and end up paying the price.
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Since I drive this strip of road daily, I’m familiar with the rainbow of car paint residue smeared across the rail. To be honest, there have been mornings I was distracted by drinking coffee and came very close to leaving my contribution on that rail too. The curve comes upon you so suddenly there’s little time to adjust. In the same way life can throw you curves that make it hard to get adjusted. And like so many drivers, you may have had a few fender benders along life’s travels.
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How well do you handle curves? We are stellar on the straight aways. We coast along in our comfort zones and things couldn’t be better. Then from nowhere we are hit with a curve. It could be a work or personal curve. But before we can adjust we find our life is scraped and paint chips are everywhere. It’s usually not major damage. We don’t have to file a big claim. But it certainly leaves a dent. I want to share a few principles I believe will help us handle life’s curves better:

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