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Understanding Mental Health: Bobbi Kristina’s Cry For Help

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by Agyei M. Ekundayo

Let’s not debate whether Nick Gordon is responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s turn for the worse. Let’s skip quarreling over beneficiary issues, should they apply. Instead, how about we review the timeline more closely?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tumultuous lifestyle is the unfortunate result of second generation celebrity status and living in the public eye. From the time she was a tot, Bobbi K had a silver spoon in her mouth and the adoration of the entire world. The root causes of her persistent dysfunction are mostly attributed to her parents’ very public drug and alcohol abuse. What other predictors to self-sabotage factor in? Is it possible to pinpoint at which age Bobbi K spiraled into reckless behavior eerily similar to her mom and dads? Did anyone intervene in constructive ways other than admonishing frowned upon decisions?

Bobbi Kristina was just a tween when Bravo aired her parent’s reality show Being Bobbi Brown. There, a toxic family environment ripened for the whole world to see. Relatives argued daily and drank regularly. It is still speculated to this day that Bobbi K witnessed drug use on multiple occasions. In one episode, she was seen flaunting a bulging wad of cash while on a shopping spree with older teenaged cousins. Supervision in the Brown household has always been lax.

Bobbi K’s parents divorced in 2007, further straining the relationship between her and her drug addicted father. Sources close to the Houston family claimed that Bobbi K threatened suicide the following year. In the most distressing year of her young life, dear Bobbi K lost her mother due to an accidental overdose and was hospitalized for shock the next day. She publicly declared in March of that year that she no longer desired a relationship with her father. Just eight months later, Bobbi K lost control of her Camaro and crashed into an embankment. This incident was made public on an episode of her own reality show, The Houstons: On Our Own.

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