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This Woman Was Arrested For Tasing Her Son for “talking back”

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flagler_momBy Angela L. Braden

According to Flagler Live, a Florida mother has been charged with child abuse after tasing her 15-year-old son for “talking back.”

Rhonda Gulsen, 54, has been charged with a third-degree felony for allegedly tasing her son with a Taser stun gun in response to him being “disrespectful.”  The incident reportedly took place at Gulsen’s parents’ home in Flager County Sunday afternoon.
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According to Gulsen’s parents, who witnessed most of the assault, the boy asked his mother, “Why are you looking at me like that?”  Next, the woman starting cursing the boy, called him “crude names,” and told him she would do to him what she pleases.
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In addition, the mother told the teenager’s aunt to strike him, in which she did.  The aunt reportedly hit the child in the head and other parts of his body.  No charges have been filed against the aunt, who has now flown back to New York, where she resides.

Gulsen’s parents, who have been in fear of their grandson’s safety when he is in her presence, tried to intervene to protect the boy.  However, Gulsen reached inside her purse, pulled out a stun gun, and tased the boy.

The grandfather admits he did not see Gulsen tase the child, but he did hear the loud electrical sound that a stun gun makes when striking a target.  The boy had two burn marks on his arm, which are consistent with the injuries that can be inflicted by a taser.
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Gulsen’s 80-year-old father and 74-year-old mother told police that they have never witnessed their daughter physically abuse their grandchild.  However, they have heard the woman tell her child that she will “kill him.”  The grandparents have also witnessed her cursing the child and causing him emotional trauma.

Gulsen was book at the Flagler County jail, where she was later released after posting a $2500 bond.