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Terrible Things Women Do Once They Get a Man

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African American woman showing engagement ringBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

When a woman goes from being single to being married or enters a serious relationship, some changes are to be expected but unfortunately, some changes are not a good idea.

Below are the five terrible things women do once they get a man:

Neglect themselves

When a man decided to settle down with a woman, he generally sees something in her that goes beyond just how she looks. Even so, if a woman met a man and he was attracted to her, how she looked was certainly a contributing factor-it was likely what caught his eye.
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Some ladies will neglect themselves when they settle into a long term relationship and this is not a good idea. It is important to still practice self care such as going to the gym, doing hair, make up or whatever else you were doing when you caught your man’s eye.

Neglect their friends

Settling into a long term relationship can mean that you see less of your friends and extended family and that is to be expected but it should not seem like you joined the witness protection program! Even if you can’t see your loved ones as often as you used to because you have a new family, make the effort to stay in touch through phone calls,occasional lunches or dinners and even social media.
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Stop having fun

Sometimes women think that being married or being in a “grown up” relationship means that they have to stop having or being fun. Of course as women get older, some things that were acceptable in their youth may be frowned upon as they get older but fun is still allowed. A night out dancing with friends is till okay as long as you exercise wisdom and responsibility.

Stop being sensual

Being a woman is a beautiful thing and every women must stay in touch with her femininity and sensuality. As the years go by and you age and maybe even have children, your body will change but it is still very important to stay in touch with your femininity and remember that you are a beautiful sensual being.
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Take him for granted

Sometimes women get comfortable that they “snagged” a man and then don’t make the effort to do the little things they used to do to make him smile. It’s great to be comfortable and get used to being with your man but don’t forget to do things for him that you know will make him happy.

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