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Stars of “Living Single” are back for a new web series

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“Living Single” was often an unsung champion of positive black TV shows. The female characters were all professionals, independent and aware of current issues facing blacks at the time. For five years, the hit show on FOX gave black and minority viewers an alternative to NBC’s “Must See TV” which also meant “must not see any blacks on any of our shows”. “Living Single offered plenty of humor without sacrificing intelligence. It always seemed a forerunner to “GirlFriends”. A reunion show with all the original cast members (yes, Queen Latifah, that means you too) would have probably been a big hit.
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Sadly, that never happened, but we can see two of the cast members together again on the small screen. Erika Alexander and Kim Coles will be launching a new webseries called “The BFF Chronicles”.
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Coles played the daffy, but very loveable Synclaire James on “Living Single” and Alexander played attorney at law and always mooching a meal Maxine Shaw. We don’t know what the new web series will bring us, but both of these ladies are funny, bright and creative, so we are setting the bar pretty high.

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