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Serena Williams Drops Out of Dubai Tournament Due to Illness

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Serena Williams has been blazing a trail that has some wondering whether she’s the best overall athlete that American sports has serenawilliamsever seen. Still, even great athletes suffer illness and Williams, who is dropping out of an upcoming tournament due to a virus, is no exception.

Although Williams was triumphant at the 19th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open last month, during which she also struggled with a virus, the tennis phenom is choosing to bow out this time around.
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Serena Williams, 33, has been suffering from a cough which has many of her fans worried. Given health concerns, Williams has chosen not to compete in the Dubai Tennis Championships.

The competitive player has also made it clear that she will restrict her schedule so that she can win the three more Grand Slam titles needed to reach Steffi Graf’s record.
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It should also be said that her four attempts at the Dubai tournament have been unsuccessful.

“Serena’s doing what’s best for her,” said sister Venus. “She’s been sick for a while and all the traveling can have an affect on you. There comes a time when you need to do something about it.”
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“I know what it can be like (to be unwell),” she added, according to Yahoo News. “It builds character – and I have had to build a lot of character in the last few years.”

“Happily I’m feeling good right now, I’ve only lost once this year,” said Venus, who will be competing in Dubai. “I’ve been playing well and I’m looking forward to playing even better.”