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Rumors of Intense Family Feuds Swirl Over Bobbi Kristina

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Bobby Brown no doubt spent his 46th birthday Thursday still praying for the miracle he said his daughter needs if she is to live to see another birthday.

Brown could be seen coming and going all day at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta as the family continues its vigil at the bedside of Bobbi Kristina who remains in a coma.

Local Atlanta Stations say doctors have said there’s nothing more they can do for the 21-year who remains on life support. Sources are reporting that doctors have told Brown it’s time to withdraw the life support systems, but the Dad is having a difficult time making what has to be one of the painful decisions of his life.
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Bobbi Kristina, the only child of singer Whitney Houston, was discovered face down in her bathtub almost a week ago. She suffered severe neurological damage after being without oxygen for at least 2-5 minutes according to doctors.
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The week has been filled with reports of fighting between Brown and Houston’s family and Nick Gordon—the man Bobbi Kristina called her husband. Brown released a statement earlier in the week saying that his daughter and Nick Gordon are not officially married. Gordon was raised by Houston who adopted him. buy celebrex online no prescription
Bobbi Kristina posted on social media that they married last year, but her Dad says none of that is true. Brown has released several statements through his attorney this week as he tried to dispel much of the speculation swirling around his daughter. Today, another statement from a source close to the family denying that the families are fighting.

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