Real Life: Joseline Hernandez Supports Stevie J. While in Child Support Court

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Real Life: Joseline Hernandez Supports Stevie J. While In Child Support Court

By: Naturally Triece

Reality stars, Stevie J. and his wife, Joseline Hernandez stuck by each other’s side this past Tuesday when present in Manhattan Federal Court over the allegations of Stevie J. owing $1.1 million in child-support payments.

Stevie is known as one of New York’s biggest dead beat dads.

An eyewitness told The Post that Hernandez verbally took on a by stander who yelled out to Stevie J saying, “You should be ashamed”. The two had a verbal altercation before heading into the court house.

“Shut up! You don’t know him!” is all that Hernandez had to shoot back at the lady who clearly wanted to make her thoughts known.

Minutes after, Stevie (also known as Stevie Jordan) pleaded not guilty before Judge Paul Crotty on charges of failure to pay child support from March 2001 until his most recent arrest in June.
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Stevie was arrested in June of last year at his Atlanta home, on charges of unpaid child-support in New York, failing to pay $1.1 million in court-ordered child support for his teen son and daughter whom currently live with their mother, Carol Bennett, in Pennsylvania.

I’m not sure if his payments are just too damn high or his lifestyle is just a big lavish front?

When Stevie’s judge said that he didn’t understand why he was there, the prosecutor in the case explained to the judge that the child support payments were extremely high and the matter was never successfully handled in Family Court over a period of 10 whole years.
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After all was said and done, Stevie was basically kissing Judge Crotty’s feet saying that he thinks that the trial was fair and so was the judge for understanding the system.
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Stevie also found time in all this madness to tell The Post to look out for another season of Love and Hip Hop along with some new music from his “lovely wife Joseline.”


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