Oscar Voter “Am I supposed to Vote for Selma just because it has black people in it?”

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by Kristina Byas

When Selma hit theaters in late 2014, many had high hopes that the film would receive an Oscar nod. With the film chronicling such an important event in history, it was expected to be a work of art. It revealed more of the story about what really happened during the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery. Unfortunately, one Oscar voter has been saying it was the exact opposite.

Not only does this unnamed Oscar voter feel that the film wasn’t a work of art,  she has also expressed that the “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts that the cast wore to the New York premiere of the film were offensive.

When speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, one voter said “When a movie about black people is good, members vote for it. But if the movie isn’t that good, am I supposed to vote for it just because it has black people in it?”

She continued, “What no one wants to say out loud is that Selma is a well-crafted movie, but there’s no art to it,” the woman said.

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