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NY Woman Says Police Attacked Her Over a Lollipop

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020915police7WCLBy Angela L. Braden

Jarnale Henry says that an NYPD detective tackled her to the ground, caused bodily injury, simply because he mistakenly thought she was in possession of illegal drugs.  Henry was only holding a lollipop.

Detective Sekou Bourne has been under investigation for this little slip-up and is now facing the civilian complaint review board, which is determining whether Henry’s allegations are true and warrant disciplinary actions.
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According to Henry, Bourne was doing a “sweep” of an apartment building in April 2013, looking for “drug dealers” when he encountered Henry.  She asked him what he wanted, and the interaction escalated from there.  According to Henry, Bourne tackled her and threw her to the ground, causing an injury to her knee.  After realizing that Henry’s only possession was a lollipop, the woman was not taken into custody.

“He pushed me down … They knocked my lollipop to the ground. I fell on my leg, onto my whole right side,” Henry told The New York Post after the hearing.
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Bourne told the review board that he thought that Henry was a drug dealer because of the way she said “What do you need?”  He thought the question suggested that she could provide him with illegal drugs.

“I thought it was a drug-related question. I thought she was asking me if I needed any drugs,” Bourne told the CCRB.

He said that after she asked the “suspicious” question, he announced he was a police officer. He also told the review board that he did not tackle Henry.  According to Bourne, Henry tripped and fell to the ground.
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“She tripped and fell on her own. Then I got on top of her and began frisking her for my safety,” he said.

Bourne is also under investigation because he has been accused of punching a teenager who he thought was in possession of weed.  Marsel Hamer, 17, says that Bourne punched him because he thought the teen was smoking pot.  The alleged incident is said to have been recorded by a witness.

“Mister, it was just a cigarette, sir,” someone can be heard saying.

This cop seems to be a big sucker himself!