Nicki Addresses Her Kicking Baby Out Of Grammy Party

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Nicki Addresses Her Kicking Baby Out of Her Grammy Party

By: Naturally Triece

Did Nicki M. really have the sacks to ban her boss from her pre-Grammy party?

According to TMZ, Minaj has recently denied banning Birdman from her pre-Grammy party that took place during Grammy weekend in West Hollywood. Even though it seemed like she was taking sides with Lil’ Wayne, she makes it clear that was not the case at all.

Sources close to the mega hip-hop star told TMZ that Birdman was only denied from the 1Oak Nightclub because his posse of gentlemen were looking to purchase bottles at the bar but they’d arrived 15 minutes before the club closed.

It was even said that Nicki had already left the club and the houselights were on inside, so people were beginning to see their way out.

Sources say that Nicki and Drake have chosen to stay out of the mogul beef between Lil’ Wayne and Birdman, even though Wayne has made it clear that he has plans to take the two rap stars with him once he officially leaves Cash Money.

Nicki and Drake are hopeful that their bosses can smash this beef and move on before things get too messy, it just doesn’t look like it’s going to be that easy though.

I feel that Nicki and Drake have done an awesome job of avoiding getting caught in the middle of all this mess and I just hope that things do roll over and soon all will be forgiven but if not, Nicki and Drake will then have to choose sides and pick who they want to roll with.

Let’s be honest though, Wayne was the one who discovered them and it would only seem correct that their loyalty would belong in his favor.

Only time will tell though.


Naturally Triece

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