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NFL player’s cancer-stricken daughter shows her stuff on the runway and she’s adoreable

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By Victor Ochieng

Leah Still, the daughter of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still, took to the runway and showcased her style in a star-studded session at New York Fashion Week. It wasn’t only her great outfit and confidence that grabbed attention, but also her show of a strong spirit.

The 4-year-old was diagnosed with pediatric neuroblastoma last year. It came as a sad revelation to everyone. Regardless of her condition, she’s staying strong and she has a very supportive dad by her side.

Leah’s appearance at Fashion Week on Thursday came as a surprise. Since she had just concluded an 8-day stay at the hospital for cancer treatment, it was unexpected that she would be able to attend the semi-annual occasion.
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In a show of solidarity and moral support, her father was with her throughout the event. Still recorded a video of his daughter on the runway and later shared it on Instagram. He has been recording and sharing his daughter’s activities since she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

In a later interview with TODAY, the proud dad shared his daughter’s progress.

“She just finished up her first round of her new treatment this past Saturday. She’s going to start back up again this Friday. It went pretty well, so hopefully this takes out a lot of the disease that’s left in her body,” Still said.

Seeing the 4-year-old girl surviving after all she has been through is an indication of her strong spirit. She isn’t about to stop her commitment of sharing her story and giving hope to other kids who may be suffering from similar conditions.
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Together with her father, they are writing I am Leah Strong, a book meant to inspire other kids suffering from different conditions. This is in line with her focus on giving such kids an array of hope and an assurance that, regardless of their conditions, they should still continue living life to the fullest.

The father has shown great appreciation for the support the duo have been receiving since they began their involvement in cancer awareness and support.
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“There’s a lot of good people still out there” Still told TODAY. “You look at the news, you read the newspaper, and you see a lot of negative things that go on in this world, and the way that people have stepped up to not only to help my daughter but support the cause of fighting pediatric cancer, it really gave me faith in humanity.”