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Mother and Daughter Accused of Attαcking Airport Cop

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A New Jersey mother and daughter are accused of attacking a police officer mother daughter arrestedat an airport on Friday.

According to police, when the daughter arrived at the airport to pick up her mother, she lashed out at an officer who tapped on her window.

At many airports, officers have a responsibility to ensure that traffic keeps flowing, as both a security precaution and a way to avoid congestion. This may’ve been what a Port Authority officer was doing when the cop walked up to 24 year old Nephatira Dansby, who was blocking traffic, and tapped the driver’s side window.
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Dansby, who was waiting at the terminal to pick up her mom–Katrina (Sunshine) Dansby—didn’t take kindly to the tap, police claim. Dansby allegedly opened the door, then began pummeling the cop.

“Authorities say that at about 5 p.m. Thursday, 24-year-old Nephatira Dansby started cursing at an officer who asked her to move because her vehicle was blocking two lanes of traffic outside the airport. After the officer pulled her over, Dansby allegedly opened the door into the officer and pushed her out of the way,” the Associated Press reported.
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It is not clear what set off Dansby.

Once Katrina Dansby exited the terminal and noticed what was happening to her daughter, she began holding the officer so that her daughter could throw a few more punches.
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The officer was taken to the hospital with face and knee injuries.

Both mother and daughter face aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges.

On her Facebook, the elder Dansby made no mention of the charges and only complained of having a cold.