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Man Gunned Down Co-Worker at Bus Stop to Cover Up Theft

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An arrest has been made in the mysterious case of a newlywed and motherJones bus stop who was shot to deαth execution style at a bus stop.

Thirty six year old Ralph Sanders confessed to kιlling Kim Jones, a co-worker,  last month.

Sanders shοt Jones at point blank range in the head on January 13 after stalking the mother of two, police claim.

“He’s an absolute scumbag,” Jean-Paul Jourden, Jones’ son, told NBC 10. “That’s all I can think about this guy. To shoοt a human in broad daylight in front of people and leave her on a corner.”

Police reportedly used surveillance video to track Sanders’ SUV.
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Sanders worked with Jones at a non-profit that provides support services for families. Jones served as the director of the program while Sanders served under her as the assistant director.

“Through this entire investigation we worked closely with the Philadelphia Police Department and are relieved that they have found her killer, but devastated by the discovery,” CEO of the charity, Mike Vogel, told the news station.

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Investigators believe that Sanders suspected Jones of being on the verge of alerting officials that he was stealing from the organization.

“Turning Points for Children is working to understand why this tragedy occurred, and fully cooperating with authorities,” Vogel said. “Additionally, we will begin conducting our own internal investigation. Since Kim’s senseless and tragic death, we have provided grief counselors to all our employees. We will continue to make those services available in light of today’s news.”

Jourden says at some point he’ll be able to find peace, but “at this moment, I’m more furious than happy.”