Maia Campbell Arrested Twice Inside Waffle House & Burger King… Calls Police “F*gg*ts”

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Maia Campbell Arrested Twice Inside Waffle House & Burger King… Calls Police “F*gg*ts”

By: Naturally Triece

You may remember Maia Campbell, the actress from that awesome 90’s show ‘In the House’ starring LL Cool J as the house roommate. Man that show was good and Maia was on her a-game as one of the prettiest women on TV… Oh how things have changed.

Such a beautiful girl who has been spiraling downhill ever since the show came to a close in the early 2000’s.

Since the show, Campbell has been seen on YouTube in a number of compromising situations and it is just sad to hear more bad news about her… I thought Iyanla fixed her life, but apparently there wasn’t enough fixing to keep her from getting arrested twice.
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Campbell has been busted earlier this year at a Burger King and now at a Waffle House for being drunk and causing a scene.

Police of Riverdale, GA said that they’d received a call from the restaurant claiming that the former ‘In the House’ star was allegedly wasted drunk and causing a ruckus. Officers tried getting her to leave the restaurant, but she’d refused. So with her declining their offer, they then took her out in handcuffs.

She was booked for disorderly conduct.
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Campbell, 38, ended up in a cop car just last month for going off in a Burger King. According to police reports which were obtained by TMZ, she cursed a family member, tried accusing their child of stealing her wallet and called the officer at the scene a “f*ck*ng f*gg*t!”

Police said that she has tried to deny using the foul language and says the she only speaks the “King’s language”… From the Bible maybe?
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Sad and unfortunate to say that Ms. Campbell just seems to be spiraling downhill more and more… Let’s just hope that she eventually has a revelation and decides that all this stuff is petty.

Best wishes to her!


Naturally Triece

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