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Lupita Nyong’o Says Sometimes “I Don’t Feel Like Being Famous”

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Lupita-Nyong-lancôme-jewandaBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Lupita Nyong’o rose to fame extremely quickly and sometimes she wishes she was just an ordinary person. In an interview with Lucky magazine, where she will be the cover-girl in the March edition, she shares that there are times when being famous gets awkward.

She says,

“When you’re in the middle of Manhattan and you have to pop into Starbucks to use the restroom and everyone recognizes you when you’re waiting in line, it’s awkward!”

The Oscar-winning actress says that her mother didn’t allow her to wear make-up when she was growing up, even as a teenager. According to Nyong’o, her mother didn’t wear any make up at all either, even when attending special occasions like weddings. The actress says that her mother thought make up was unnecessary.
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As a teen, the Kenyan beauty says that she didn’t like her mother’s rules about not wearing make-up because, like and teenager, she had the desire to try it out and experiment. Now, Nyong’o says that she shares her mothers views about make-up and is glad that she can look in the mirror and love what she sees. She says,

“It’s an accessory. It’s as necessary as a pair of earrings, if you know what I mean. It’s something I do to adorn myself. I don’t do it to hide myself.”

Amongst the women who have inspired her, the actress counts Grace Jones for her unique style and taste, Elizabeth Taylor for being “feminine, regal and passionate” and Nina Simone for embracing her strong African features.
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In the past, Nyong’o has said that stardom and fame came much, much sooner than she could have ever hoped or expected but she has walked into the spotlight with grace, elegance and humility. The actress says that when she shares messages with her fans on social media, they are well thought out and she hopes that they are well received.
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On February 22, the talented actress will be one of the presenters at the Oscars.

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