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Little Girl Writes and Raps Letter To Absent Father, Video Goes Viral

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rapBy Victor Ochieng

A little girl has penned and rapped a letter to her dad, a man who isn’t in her life. She talks about her life growing up without a father figure to protect her and play with her.

She cites emotional moments when she misses her daddy and tries to forget about it, but she can’t.
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To send the message out to her father, she recorded a video on her phone of herself rapping the letter.

At some point in the letter, she says, “I’ve got one father, and that’s you. What am I supposed to do, if I can’t hear from you?”
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The video found its way onto social media and went viral.

One Facebook user, Scot Burnam, said: “If my daughter recorded this, I would wake my a** up and start being the father she needs!”

Another user, Anders K. Sørensen, said: “Words that cut like razor blades, I’m a strong man but also a father to two wonderful girls, this makes my tears run… No matter what happens, and no matter how old my girls are. They can always count on me….”
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The little girl’s story resonates with many kids that have to live without a father figure. Some may not feel the absence of the father at a tender age, but as they grow up, they begin to feel the void.

Kids long for quality time with their fathers. Sadly, there are many ‘men’ who stay away from their children for ridiculous reasons. Some stay away chasing after other women and some live lifestyles that keep them away from their families, while others just spend all their time working.
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It is completely understandable if the father is deceased, but the escalating number of deadbeat fathers is alarming.

The bottom line is: If you can’t take care of a child, don’t have one.