Jay Z and Beyoncé Distance Themselves From Kimye?

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Jay Z and Beyoncé Distance Themselves From Kimye?


One of Beyoncé’s band members has officially confirmed that she and Jay Z have distanced themselves from Kanye and Kim all about two years ago.

I guess the seemingly obvious distance that they had at the Grammy’s all seems to make too much sense now, being that Kim and Ye were sitting at least eight seats away from the megastar couple, Jay and Bey.

Kanye pretending to bombard the stage when Beck won the award for the Year’s Best Album and then later on claiming that he felt that Beck should have given his award to Beyoncé. It has all since began to clap back onto him and it seems that people are just tired of his antics. Except for his wife, Kim of course.
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He was probably expecting for Jay and Bey to come to his rescue but nope! They have not made a sound in regards to Mr. West and his ware bouts.

Mrs. Carter’s lead guitarist has since took to Facebook and made her own statement, randomly.

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I just find it funny that Kanye and Kim went public about two years ago. It all seems to make so much sense now.

It makes sense that Beyoncé probably won’t respond to this foolery, being that she hardly ever responds to anything that happens in the media. However, I do think that she and Jay are over Kimye and their “extraness” of always wanting to be seen and heard.
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As far as Jay, I think that if he ever gets questioned he will answer honestly and just say that what Kanye did after the award show was rude… Because it was.
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Kanye talks about artistry but he needs to understand that everything that he considers to be artistry may not be in the same league amongst others based upon opinion.