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If You Like It Then… Roger Bob Goes Into Detail about Not Marrying Demetria McKinney

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Roger Bob has recently spoken out for the very first time about all of the drama that has been surrounding his relationship with Demetria McKinney.

The boa of the Real Atlanta Housewives star has issued his own statement on why he has yet to marry Ms. McKinney, whom I actually think is one of the cooler ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta team.

McKinney has made it rather clear that she could care less about what anyone thinks about her relationship with Roger Bob. Letting the world know that they are dating, even though he has not yet been seen on screen with her.
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Via the famous Bravo series is where McKinney made her debut, what made her stand out from the rest of the crowd though is her relationship with Bob. Some feel that the love duo is just a little sketchy to say the least.

After an on again off again relationship for 8 years, it would only seem legit that he would just marry the girl and live happily ever after… Right?
Bob spoke on the situation this past Friday with Hip Hollywood.
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Confirming that he and McKinney are steadily going strong, “Demetria and I are doing well.” When asked about any future wedding plans though, Bob just simply stated, “We’ll see.”

Bob refused to speak on the epic scandal that took place with the cute little blue-haired chick at Kandi Burruss’ house party, quickly changing the subject to talk about his new hit show on BET, “It’s A Mann’s World.”
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“That’s my show. I would do reality with people that I know. With people that I trust. With people that I think can promote positivity and represent my race the way I want it to be represented. I would have to have those things in place before I would do it again.”

The two have seemed to have the walls come crashing down around them, I just hope that even with all of this reality nonsense, they can still withstand the BS storms and eventually move on to bigger and better things like possibly a marriage!
Good Luck guys!