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How To Stay Connected Through Tough Times

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By: George James

All relationships can be very difficult at times. They can bring struggles, emotional pain and disappointments. But they can also bring great joy, comfort, excitement and can be a source of encouragement and peace. We can’t avoid relationships because we constantly interact with people, whether they be our parents, siblings, friends, significant others, or colleagues. But how do we overcome the difficult times in our relationships – those times of struggle and emotional pain. The answer is both simple and complex at the same time. It is to “Stay Connected.”

Staying connected does not mean that you should stick around if your partner is abusing you or taking advantage of you. Staying connected means that if you want joy and happiness from any relationship, you must be willing to stay connected to get there. When relationships become difficult, one of the first things we say to ourselves is “I don’t need him”, or, “why am I with her?” “Why was I born into this family”, or “I just won’t call my siblings this week because they are getting on my nerves.” We use distance as a pacifier for pain, hurt, fear or anything else that we don’t like. But what we fail to realize is that distance cannot heal or help you to work out the situation, and will not allow you to develop new understanding within the relationship. Creating distance may feel good, may feel safe, but in the long-run it damages your relationship.

We say that we want the benefits of relationship. We desire close relationships with our mother or with our brother, but are we really willing to work for it?

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