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How to Embrace Fear as Part of Growth

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By:  Jenny Garrett

It’s amazing the lengths we go to when trying to avoid those feelings of fear. For some, it’s an adrenalin rush and the reason extreme sports and horror movies are popular but for others fear is debilitating and scary, of course.

It’s fear that stops us from being who we truly want to be, fear that stops us stepping out of our comfort zone. Fear can impact on every part of our lives, yet unlike love, happiness, joy and sorrow, fear is not an emotion that sits well in the present, it regularly surfaces when you picture the future, especially in your career.
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Here are some tips to make fear work for you, not against you.

Bow Down to Fear’s Creator

This alone proves that fear is created by you, your thoughts and your conceptions alone. Some part of your subconscious shows you fear when you play our thoughtful scenarios as a way of misguided self-preservation. It’s almost an indulgent emotion and let’s face it, it lets you off the hook. Should I go to a networking event? No, I’m too scared in case I stutter my words or look foolish.
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When you realise it’s you who adds the fear to these scenarios, try picturing them again without it. Instead of thinking of the worst thing that could happen, think of the best.
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Once you attend the networking event. You’ll find no sign of fear, you may be a little nervous but as the event reaches your present, real time life, you’ll find fear disappears. Was it really there all along?

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