How Fear and Failure Become Viral

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By:  Devin Robinson

A survey conducted revealed that 76% of people, who fail, cite the wrong reason for their failure.

As humans we often attribute things associated with failure, not the cause of the failure itself, which led to us failing. Soon, everything we see that resembles that association causes to back away from them. There two forces for our failure: outward forces and inward forces. For some reason, we quickly point out the causes as outward, rather than inward.

Here’s an example:

Shondra is excited about becoming a stock investor. She read many articles and decides, in her opinion, she is ready. She takes a loan against her 401k retirement and begins. She loses all of her money trading technology stocks. What may now happen to Shondra is she could now associate things to her failure that may not be the real causes. What are some associations?

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