How a Routine Dentist Cleaning Saved an 11 Year Old’s Life

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An 11 year old Oklahoma girl’s routine visit to the dentist may’ve saved herjournee life, thanks to an observant dental hygienist.

The 11 year old was preparing to get her teeth cleaned when dental hygienist Rachel Stroble noticed something odd about the girl. It wasn’t the girl’s teeth that were cause for concern, but her eyes.

“She said… ‘Journee’s eyes look yellow,’” Dr. Michael Chandler told KFOR. “She asked me to take a look, I took a look and said that does look abnormal.”

Dr. Chandler then informed Journee’s mom of their concerns. The girl’s mother took her to the hospital and discovered a serious health issue that required treatment.

Journee’s mom posted about their ordeal on Journee’s Journey website:

Monday morning, our dentist said he was concerned because the whites of her eyes seemed yellow. We took her to the doctor for blood tests and an ultrasound, which then lead to both a CAT Scan and MRI the doctors found a mass on her liver and pancreas. Thursday evening she was admitted to University of Oklahoma Childrens’ Hospital, and Friday she underwent a 9 hour surgery to remove a grapefruit-size tumor. Surgeons performed a “Whipple Procedure”, a major operation that removed part of her pancreas, stomach, gall bladder and part of the intestine. 

The family is also using the website to raise funds:

She will be in the ICU for at least the next  7 to 10; during that time, both her dad and I will be by her side. Neither of our jobs offers paid time off. We are completely without any income to cover expenses for our other three kids, and any other funds raised will go to scratch the surface of medical expenses that her insurance won’t cover, which has already exceed the hundred thousand dollar mark.





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