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Horrible News: Man Murders His Wife, 2 Children, Her Boyfriend and Himself…

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By: Naturally Triece

This is never something that anyone wants to hear about, let alone write about.

The Douglas County Sherriff’s Office is planning to hold a press conference beginning at 10 AM Monday morning in order to release details that have been found in a shooting spree that unfortunately left 5 people dead.

Cedric Prather is believed to have shot his son, ex-wife and her boyfriend on Saturday afternoon inside their Douglas County home. After doing so, Prather allegedly chase his two daughters and another young girl down outside, where he then shot all three, according to witness statements.
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One of the girls died and the other two were said to have been critically injured in the horrific event.

Neighbors witnessed the screaming and gun shots that were fired before police and paramedics had arrived.

After killing the two adults and children, Prather then turned the gun on himself, according to the Sherriff’s Office.

Latoya Andrews and Joseph Brown, both 33, passed at the scene of the crime inside the home that Andrews lived in with her 4 children. Brown’s daughter was one of the two critically injured girls that were chased down and shot by Prather.
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Sunday night there was a fundraising page that was created in the assistance for proper burial of the children and two adults. The fundraiser organizer said that Andrews didn’t have any insurance.
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All we at Naturally Moi can ask is that you all just keep these families in your prayers during this very tough time. And please feel free to give your own words of encouragement. Anything will help.

Donate to their GoFundMe to help them with funeral costs and any other expenses that may need to be covered.

Naturally Triece

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