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Girl, You Betta’ Sang???? Mariah Gives Us A Lip-syncing Fail at Jamaican Jazz Fest

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Po’ Lil’ Mariah! She just can’t seem to keep it all in tact lately. I remember as a little girl, absolutely loving her lyrics and never missing a beat when her songs would come on the radio. I remember her performances when she would never have to lip-sync… Now, she just lip-syncs all so effortlessly… Or so we thought! Just recently Mrs. Carey sang one of my favorite songs, “Fantasy” among many other epic tracks during her performance at the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica on Friday, January 30th. The renounced star made a big scene of pretending to sing (which is something that she has done a lot of ever since she had ‘Dem Babies’), holding the microphone and mouthing words. The only thing that was wrong with this performance, beside the fact that she wasn’t singing a tune, was that she was syncing the wrong words and at some points, not singing at all. buy symbicort online no prescription
Carey continued to smile gracefully, knowing that her performance was literally going straight to hell, and she continued to make those dramatic singing faces while moving her hand up and down and holding her ear… Like she is known for doing. After the show, many disappointed fans took to the Jamaica Observer website where they voiced their own opinions and thoughts about the performance. The site claimed that the mama of ‘Dem Babies’ supposedly “conquered” the festival and “wooed” the crowd. Angry fans thought otherwise. Some saying that she “completely lipped [Fantasy]!” Being that many were die hard Mariah fans, they all seemed to agree in unison that her performance was terribly acted out with no real talent involved. buy synthroid online no prescription
Many were expecting for her to hit at least one high note… Nope! Not today! One fan just went completely all in by saying, “Was the Observer Reporter(s) at a different show from me? A large number of persons in the crowd around me were very disappointed. Something about her was not right. She kept fixing her hair every 5 seconds, saying inappropriate things and her ‘singing’ quality was poor. buy tadalista online no prescription
There were persons shouting, ‘We want the real Mariah!’” Sounds to me like the Queen of the charts may be officially ready to take a seat and just take care of ‘Dem Babies’ because it seems that her fans (including myself) are just tired of her not being who she once was. I love you girl, maybe you should just start writing for other artists? I think with your musical talent that may be something that could peak your interest? Yay? Or Nay?