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Finally Freed from Jail, Marissa Alexander Clams Up: “I Don’t Want to Criticize My Daughter’s Father”

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In an interview with the Florida Times Union, Marissa Alexander talked Mandatory Minimumsabout almost everything but the day she fired shots in the direction of the man she is divorcing.

Alexander said the shots were only warning shots, but a Florida court sentenced her to 20 years behind bars as a consequence of the state’s sentencing guidelines.

If you want to get Alexander’s account of exactly what happened that day, or how she feels about the man who she says was threαtening her, then you’re out of luck.

“We have a child together,” she said. “I don’t want to criticize my daughter’s father.”

During her hour-long interview with the Times-Union, Alexander did discuss moving forward with her life and the support she received.

She said that getting released was a “relief” that will now allow her to “start making plans for the future.”

“I was in awe at their dedication, their solidarity, their support,” Alexander said. “The fact that they would dedicate their most precious resource, their time, to support me was heart-warming.”

Most of all, she says, this has been a difficult time for her kids.

“It was very difficult for them…I went away at a time when they were not quite teenagers.”

For the most part, Alexander seems to be putting the past behind her. She says she doesn’t even hold a grudge against the prosecutor in this case.

“Angela Corey had a job to do, I respect that,” Alexander said. “I try not to make it personal.”



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