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Date Like A Boss! How To Control Your Love Life

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By: Dr. Aesha

There’s a lot about love you can’t control.

You love him, but you’re not sure he loves you back.

He used to text you every night and then, suddenly, he stops.

You thought things were going great and then he disappears without so much as an email to say goodbye.

You were so sure he was going to commit and then he gives you some lame excuse about not needing a piece of paper to show you he loves you.

What’s a modern woman to do?

Some dating experts tell women to be passive, follow HIS lead, don’t pressure the guy or give ultimatums. And to an extent, I agree. The old saying goes, “the one convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” You can’t make anyone love you or commit to you. But there is something you can do.

Date like a boss. Literally.

You are the CEO of your life and that includes your love life. That means you’re in charge of who gets hired, fired, promoted or demoted in the love department.

Let’s say you are the CEO of a company and interviewed candidates for a new position. One candidate really impresses you, so you hire him. He comes to work on time, puts in extra effort and is on track to be promoted.

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