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Crazy Things Desperate Women Do to Keep a Man

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kim eliseBy Tamala Perkins

Oprah Winfrey once shared that while she was in her 20s, she had such a low self esteem that her relationships were a wreck. One story that she told was about a boyfriend of hers who told her that he wanted to break up and she fell to her knees and cried and begged him not to leave. The television and movie star says that as her man walked out the door, she clung to his ankles in a desperate attempt to get him to stay.

Unfortunately, many women have at least one story in their past where they allowed themselves to do crazy things because they had convinced themselves they couldn’t live without a man.

Here are seven crazy things women do to keep a man:
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1. Have $ex Too Soon – Some women rush to the intimate part of a relationship because they are scared that if they don’t give in to the pressure to have $ex then their new man will get it somewhere else. Unfortunately, what these women don’t know is that some men often see this as an indication that the women is “easy” and not worth investing in, long-term.

2. Pretend to be something they are not – Every woman wants to put her best foot forward when she meets a new man but some women take it too far. Pretending to be someone else because you are afraid no one will love the real you is a horrible way to exist.

3. Shower Him With Lots of Gifts – It’s nice to surprise your man with a gift every now and then but when you are constantly buying him things and giving him money so he sticks around, that is sad.

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4. Become His Mother  – Some women treat the men in their lives like they are their children. If you didn’t let him sit on your couch and eat all your food while you worked, would he still be around? How about if you stopped cleaning up after him and doing his laundry and instead told him to get a job?

5.Pretend to Be Pregnant – Some women will tell a man they are pregnant if he says he is leaving or seems to be slipping away. Of course, he will eventually leave when there is no baby nine months later, or even sooner when there is no baby bump a few months later. 

6. Get Pregnant – Sometimes the woman who lies and says she is pregnant  actually goes ahead and makes sure she falls pregnant. The worst of these kind of women are those who will get pregnant by one man and lie to yet another man (the one they are desperate to keep) and say the baby is his.

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7. Have a meltdown and beg him to stay – A man who is genuinely a good guy doesn’t like seeing a woman cry even if he has decided he doesn’t belong with her so having a huge meltdown and begging and groveling is another way some women will get a man to stay.