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Charter School Founder Who Allegedly Stole $6.3 Million May Get Off Due to Memory Problems

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A 77 year old charter school founder who allegedly bilked her school out of CHARTER29P1NWSmillions may be incompetent to stand trial due to dementia.

Dorothy June Brown, 77, allegedly defrauded the charter schools she founded out of $6.3 million dollars. Psychologists who’ve interviewed Brown, however, don’t agree on her cognitive state.

“This is a complicated case with multiple charges,” said Stephen Mechanick, a psychiatrist who interviewed Brown. “In my opinion, she is not competent.”
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He also believes the charges against Brown have impacted her mental health.

“One of the things that has affected her is that she does not want to deal with the criminal charges,” he added.

Asked what Brown is suffering from, Mechanick says his diagnosis is early stage dementia.

A court appointed attorney did not agree with Mechanick’s assessment.

Psychiatrist Pogos H. Voskanian, who interviewed Brown for several hours, found that the woman has little noticeable memory loss.
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“I did not see any slippage in her performance to suspect anything significant,” he said.

“She can assist her attorney with a reasonable degree of rational understanding,” Voskanian said.

Brown also scored high on a mental impairment test.

According to, a judge is expected to decide soon whether Brown is competent to stand trial.

“A three-day hearing, during which psychiatrists and psychologists expounded on Brown’s mental state, concluded Friday with testimony from defense expert Barbara Malamut, who told the court that Brown had cognitive impairment that would prevent her from assisting her defense in her retrial,” the website reported.
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“Malamut’s testimony clashed with that of earlier government witnesses who offered rosier assessments of Brown, concluding she exhibited no sign of mental illness.”