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Candidate Who Mistakenly Ran Over Teens, Fatally Injuring One, Says Devil Won’t Stop Her

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A Kansas City community activist who mistakenly ran into a group of teensPledger while driving now says the devil won’t get in the way of her political ambitions.

Pledger, a candidate for the Unified Government Commission, posted about her political future on Facebook.

“In spite of what the devil is trying to do, I am still on the ballot,” Pledger wrote. “To silence me is to silence our community. You know the system wasn’t created for us. It is broken to the core. Have you ever been wronged by this system? We all have at some point. My fight for the best for my community continues.”

Pledger’s mind seemed focused on the spiritual implications of having plowed into a group of teens with her car.

“My heart has been VERY heavy but the God I serve will make my enemies my footstool. Continue to keep all families in prayer,” she wrote. “I thank all the hundreds of friends and family for the love, the prayers and the peace you have made during this time.”

Pledger is currently out on bond and is raising money to cover her legal bills.

She is charged with four counts of reckless aggravated battery and could face additional charges since one of the injured teens, 17 year old Tierra Smith, died. Three other teens remain hospitalized.

Authorities speculated on how the accident might’ve happened.

“You have to do a lot of reconstruction of this and that reconstruction’s continuing,” Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome Gorman said, according to local affiliate KSHB.

Pledger’s family, however, says the woman was speeding to stop a fight when she lost control of her vehicle.

While Pledger is thanking God, Smith’s family is planning the teen’s funeral.




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