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Camille Hyde Becomes First Black Power Ranger Ever After 22 Seasons

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camille hydeReported by Liku Zelleke

Social media sites have been abuzz with news of the new member of the “Power Rangers.” The latest edition of the  children’s action series, “Dino Charge,” will for the first time in its 22 seasons of running feature an African-American actress as the Pink Ranger.

Camille Hyde has joined the team as the Pink Dino Charge Ranger and will be working alongside James Davies (Black Dino Charge Ranger), Yoshua Sudarso (Blue Dino Charge Ranger), Brenan Mejia (Red Dino Charge Ranger) and Michael Taber (Green Dino Charge Ranger).
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Amy Jo Johnson played the very first Pink Ranger in 1993 and set the tone for the role of a girl who was tough, but was the object of all the guys’ desires and had all the female fans wanting to emulate her.
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Hyde will be playing the part of Shelby Watkins, who has been described as being a “stubborn tomboy” by the “Power Rangers” fan wiki site.

Reports suggest that Dino Charge will basically have the same content as previous “Power Rangers” stories, but that it will also bring in some new twists to the storyline as “five teenagers get super cool robots and have to fight aliens to save the world.”

Although Hyde will be the first African-American girl to put on the pink suit, she will be joining members of a mixed racial background. Sudarso comes from Indonesian heritage while Mejia is Latino. Many see the move as a sign that the show has also caught on to the “diversity in television” trend.

Meanwhile, the show’s fans took to social media sites to express their happiness and excitement at Hyde’s new job. Some of the most popular ones among them included:
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“The kid in me will be watching the new season of Power Rangers mainly because there is finally a black pink ranger! Only took 22 years.” – Ronnie Benion

“So proud of Camille Hyde for being the first Black Pink Ranger. I will be tuning in. Break Barriers!!!…” – Chrissy Nova

“It only took 22 seasons, but we’re finally getting a black woman to be the Pink Power Ranger!” – Kris Castro

“Power Rangers Dino Charge” airs on Nickelodeon.