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Bus Driver Fired After Taking Selfie Drinking Alcohol at the Wheel

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bus driverReported by Liku Zelleke

A school bus driver made what is probably the dumbest blunder anyone in her profession could do. She took a selfie while drinking alcohol. The problem is… she was still in the driver’s seat of the bus.

Reports state the woman took the picture when there weren’t any children on the bus, but that didn’t stop people from becoming alarmed enough to have her fired from her position as a driver for the Princeton School District in Ohio. The move was confirmed by the First Student bus company, which said she had been “removed from service.”

Later, and upon closer inspection of the picture, it was found that the cap on the bottle she had put to her mouth hadn’t been removed– indicating that it hadn’t been opened. But that didn’t ease the apprehension of students’ parents who were still not happy that she brought a bottle of alcohol onto the bus to begin with. In fact, many parents consider her action to be one of poor judgment and that she acted in an irresponsible manner.

“Oh, she doesn’t care,” said Sadie Leporati, a mother of a student at Princeton Elementary School. “She obviously doesn’t care about her job.”

Another parent, Angela Whited, said “You are responsible for people’s children, so you should conduct yourself better than this.”

Meanwhile, Jen Biddinger, a spokesperson for First Student, said in a statement that they “understand and share in the concern this photo has caused the Princeton community… We are incredibly disappointed by our driver’s action.”

Biddinger made it clear that they had “determined the photo was taken at the end of the driver’s route; that no students were on board, and that the bottle was unopened.”

“This behavior is completely unacceptable,” she continued. “Behavior such as this does not align with company policy and the high standards First Student strives for in all we do.”



  1. J

    February 16, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    Attention whoring in our community is an epidemic

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