Breaking Barriers Or Tokenism? Disney Welcomes First Latin Princess

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Young girls of color have been idolizing white Disney princesses for years. Though many did not see a problem with that earlier on, we now know that children need to be able to see someone that looks like them in the spotlight.

We were already stoked when we were introduced to Tiana, a brown, Creole princess that lived in New Orleans. And we were very appreciative of Pocahontas and Mulan. Now we have another cultured princess for our young girls to look up to, and her name is Princess Elena.

Elena is a 16-year-old Latina princess. She will not have her own movie, but she will make her first appearance on Disney Junior’s Sofia the First in 2016. Then she will have a a spin-off series entitled Elena of Avalor, which will also air on Disney Junior. Aimee Carrero of ABC Family’s Young & Hungry will be the voice behind this bold beauty.

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