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Bobbi Kristina will die on the same day as Whitney

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According to the New York Post, a date has been set for allowing the plug to be pulled on Bobbi Kristina Brown.  The family has reportedly agreed to let the daughter join her mother in heaven on the very same day that her mother died three years ago.

Wednesday, February 11 is the date set for the young girl’s passing and the family has finally accepted the fact that she’s not coming back.
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The idea of letting Bobbi die on the same day as her mother was proposed by Cissy Houston, Bobbi’s 81-year old grandmother.  The family has been holding vigil at Atlanta’s Emory Hospital.

Tyler Perry has reportedly been the primary mediator in the family’s key decisions about the life of Bobbi.   He is reportedly “someone that both sides respect,” according to a source within the family.
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Perry has worked with Bobbi Kristina in the past, allowing her to appear as a guest on the show, “For Better or Worse.”

“She did a fantastic job,” Perry said. “And that kid has a such a future. She’s such an actor. ”
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Bobbi Kristina’s death is still under investigation after her body was found in a bathtub by her husband, Nick Gordon.   But police are saying that there may have been foul play involved, leading to a further investigation of the incident.

Numerous celebrities have joined the family during this difficult time to send off the young woman.  The family is devastated that Bobbi’s death will be so soon after the passing of her mother.