Black TV Then and Now: Are Blacks Moving on Up in TV Shows?

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Back in the day, people enjoyed the humor and edginess of black television series and film comedies, such as “Good Times” and “The Jeffersons.” Even today these types of shows are enjoyed by a diverse audience.

While these shows may have been and are “Dy-no mite,” and to this day continue to entertain millions, some actors and actresses are tired of having to play those stereotypical roles.

Gabrielle Union recently made an appearance on “The Angie Martinez Show” to promote her BET series, “Being Mary Jane.” During the interview, Union expressed her frustration due to the lack of quality roles for black actresses in comedy.

Union said “They want us shucking and jivin’ and cooning, that’s where they’re most comfortable having a black woman.”

She continued, “So to get a role like Tina Fey, smart, edgy, more cerebral humor… no, they’re going to get Tiny Fey.

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