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Are You Sleeping? Wake Up!

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By: Chris Featherstone

It is so easy for people to lose sight of their purpose because they are so caught up and distracted by all the current cares and challenges. Trust me, I get it. I am not totally free from that struggle either. However, there are always ways to refocus on your goals, which gives you a boost in where you are currently. Understand that this is only a piece to the bigger puzzle of your manifested dreams.

Make the best out of where you are. Legacies are not build just based on legends being in comfortable places. They are also built when the legend has moments of perseverance that those who are being inspired can relate to. Martin Luther King, for example, is known most popularly for his “I Have A Dream” speech. Ironically, it was not called the “I Have Arrived” speech, because he wasn’t even there yet! This means, King was gathering people to support a dream that he had not even experienced yet. In fact, he was not even alive to experience the fulfillment of it, but was confident that it was going to happen. Now THAT is leaving a legacy!

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