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5 Women Accuse Hospital Security Guard of Assαulting Them on the Job

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Five female workers at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida have accused a security Holleyguard of assαulting them on the job.

According to the women, the former security guard, 47 year old Anthony Holley, did everything from forcibly kιss them to touching them inappropriately.

Holley was arrested and charged with five counts of misdemeanor battery after five employees at Memorial Hospital made their allegations.

Nurse Debra Green told News4Jax that Holley attacked her in the emergency room of the hospital in July. Four other women came forward to tell similar stories.

Green alleges that Holley “picked her up … and attempted to place her on a bed in the room … (he) then kιssed the victim on the mouth … stuck his hands down the back of the potential victim’s pants and grabbed her bυttοcks.”

Green says that as a security guard, they were supposed to be able to depend on Holley, but instead he became a predator.

“It’s horrible, it’s horrific,” Green told News4Jax. “He is there for patient safety. He is also supposed to be there for our safety. … I was not safe. I was not safe to be around him. No sir.”

Another nurse claims Holley walked up on her and grabbed her privates, telling her, “Girl, I’m security, I know where all the cameras are.”

One woman said Holley “picked her up by the waist and attempted to kiss her and stated ‘you need to give me those digits,” according to a police report obtained by the news station.

Holley, who worked as a contract security guard, denies the allegations.

“We find it disturbing that Ms. Green and her lawyer have involved the media in this case to publicly attack Mr. Holley’s reputation and character,” attorney Reid Hart said in a statement to News4Jax. “Mr. Holley is 100 percent innocent, and we look forward to defending his honor in a court of law, not the court of public opinion.”


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