3 Signs You’re Living A Small Life

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By:  Early Jackson

To say I’ve lived in my share of hotel rooms is an understatement. I’ve had the opportunity to share my story, failures and life’s experiences on some great platforms. Since 1995 I have been on a steady rotation on the speaking circuit. During that time, I have checked in and out of hotels more than I care to count. A few weeks ago I found myself in line to have a TSA rummage through my carry-on. She was pleasant but a simple joke she made had me in thought the whole flight.

I didn’t get the agent’s name, but I did remember her anecdote was on point. My bag had somehow got flipped over, so several items rolled out into the tub. I hustled to get my things, while putting on my shoes. The line was long so I didn’t want to be the one to cause a log jam. The TSA saw that I had an abundance of travel sized items and she said “I didn’t know you could live off those travel things.” Wait a minute! That just happened. I mumbled something and kept moving forward. But on the plane, I repeated that statement. Living on travel sized things. A travel sized life. I began to put together a list of ways we limit our lives and exist with a small mentality.

Like travel size things, we often want a life that’s neat and conveniently packaged. But if we are truthful, we would admit that life is anything but convenient. Life throws us all curve balls. We lose jobs, we lose relationships and sometimes we lose ourselves in the process. Then we pull it together and make it back. You can’t tuck life away in a pocket or purse like that small bottle of lotion from the hotel’s sink. A real life gets messy and we are found cleaning up the mess openly.

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