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You’re Wrong: 5 Things Modern Men Think Come With Marriage

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Dwayne-Wade-and-Gabrielle-UnionBy Tamala Perkins

In the last 10 to 15 years, more and more Black men are saying that they don’t want to bother with marriage and those that do go ahead and get married either end up in horrible marriages or get divorced.

Here are five things that modern men mistakenly think come with marriage:

1. A maid – Times have changed and gone are the days when men went to work while women stayed home and cooked and cleaned all day. More women are also out in the workplace and even when they are not, they typically have their own ventures and small businesses. Just because grandpa used to come home and sit in from of the TV (or radio) and did nothing while grandma cooked and served him his meal it does not mean modern men get the same deal. Grandma probably didn’t have any other job than just being a good wife and mother.

2. A nanny – Just like your new wife is not your maid, she is not your nanny either. If a couple has children, both parents need to be hands on because it is likely that they both have full time jobs and other responsibilities outside of taking care of the children.

3. A $ex slave – Many men who get married will often complain that they are not getting their “needs” met. This usually comes from some weird entitlement mindset that says that when you marry a woman she becomes your $ex slave and must give you what you need whenever you ask. When men and women are dating, men go out of their way to please the woman they are dating and this creates romance and a feeling of being connected. Many men will abandon all their romantic efforts and then wonder why their woman is not feeling “romantic”.

4. A prison cell – Many men think that getting married means they are going into some kind of jail cell. News flash: the only jail that you’re in is the one that you create. If you give your wife the space and the freedom to enjoy her life, she will most likely do the same for you. If you put unnecessary pressure and bondage on her with rules and selfish expectations, you will probably get the same back.

5. An empty bank account – A lot of modern women take great pride and joy in making their own money. Some women will even surpass their husbands’ salaries and incomes. Getting married to a smart, business savvy woman may actually mean that you bank account balance doubles rather than being emptied.