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Writer Says It’s OK to “Turn Up” for MLK Holiday

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Every year, some club promoter takes advantage of Dr. King’s birthday by throwing a party in honor of the civil rights activist. And every year, there are people who protest these parties as an exploitation of King’s legacy.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed writer Tracy Clayton makes the case that’s it’s perfectly acceptable to “turn up” in celebration of the MLK holiday.

Clayton begins by describing how people react upon learning that a club is using King to promote a party:

“Around a week before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the internet inevitably becomes inundated with flyers advertising local freedom-themed turn-up functions, pulled from sites with lecturing names like Hot Ghetto Mess, No Way Girl, and Get Your People, ” she observes.  “The response is also predictable: We tweet and retweet and like and reblog and shake our heads and suck our teeth and say things that our parents and grandparents have no doubt said at some point in their lives. Martin Luther King didn’t die for this. He’s probably turning over in his grave. All these kids running around with the nerve to be in the club poppin’ it and droppin’ it and doing it for the Vine on the King’s day!”

She goes on to make the case that Americans make excuses to party on most holidays, without any thought of what the holiday is actually based upon.

“The argument against dropping it low in the name of progress is that these clubgoers are just using the day as another excuse to party, and the use of MLK’s name and image becomes a sacrilege and the entire idea of celebrating becomes an offense. Well, consider this: The same thing is done with other non-black holidays and nobody seems to care as much. Memorial Day club party flyers contain all manner of half-dressed women posing next to eagles and American flags and baseball-filled apple pies. And let’s not even talk about what they do to the poor Easter bunny. Where is the collective outrage there?”

What do you think? Is it OK to party on MLK weekend or is it disrespectful?


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