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Woman’s singing is so terrible that the pastor snatches back the microphone

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When the holy spirit hits us in church, we are sometimes pushed to do things that may not put us in the best light. This woman was feeling the spirit when she decided to sing for the Lord in church. This is normally applauded, because we should all be singing for God. But when the singing gets bad, there might be a need for intervention from a higher power. In this case, it was the pastor who stepped in and said, “Let there be silence.”

As the woman starts to shriek for the Lord, you can see the pastor calmly clap along, congratulating the woman for her spirituality.  But he’s also thinking about how he’s going to get that microphone back in his hands, and that’s the funny part.

READ MORE via Watch: Pastor snatches mic away from terrible singing woman – Christian Blog.





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