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Woman Demands Boyfriend Bring Gun to Chuck E. Cheese’s to Shoot Baby Daddy

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A mother involved in a custody dispute with her child’s father allegedly Chuck E. Cheesedemanded that her boyfriend bring a gun to her daughter’s birthday party so he could shoot the father.

Investigators say the woman invited her boyfriend to Chuck E. Cheese’s so that he could act as a hit man.

According to St. Louis Today, a witness heard 20 year old Aesian Anunique Clay tell her daughter : “Say your last goodbye to your daddy because he is going to die today.”

The boyfriend followed through with the plan and shot the girl’s father several times in the lower body, causing serious injury. Prosecutors charged Clay with with attempted first-degree assault.
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Police allege that Clay was angry that her child’s father had not taken the girl on a scheduled visitation day. In response, she called her boyfriend while at the children’s pizza restaurant and told her child’s father, “you better be strapped.”

A witness claims to have heard her talking on the phone, telling her boyfriend to be armed when he arrived at the pizzeria and that she was going to “air this place out.”

When Clay’s boyfriend arrived at Chuck E. Cheese’s, he shot the father.

Police were dispatched to the pizzeria after 8PM on Wednesday.

“Clay admitted to police that she had called her boyfriend but refused to identify him. After getting a search warrant for her phone, police found several photographs of Clay with him. In many of the pictures, the couple took turns holding a handgun with an extended capacity magazine, police said,” St. Louis Today reported.

The father who was shot is expected to make a full recovery.