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Why Single Attractive Women Want Married Men

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alicia and gabbyBy Tamala Perkins

A lot of discussions about cheating have centered around questions like “why do men cheat” or “why do women cheat” but sometimes we forget to ask another question, “why do single attractive women go after married men?”

Below are five reasons why some women who are attractive and single choose to go after married men even though they are capable of attracting eligible bachelors:

1. Breathing Room – Many people assume that most women want to be in a committed relationship but some women don’t. Being in a relationship with a married man gives a woman some breathing room where she can date other men (other than her married lover) and just generally have more freedom when her lover is at home with his wife and children.

2. The Thrill  – Sneaking around and having hot lovemaking sessions in secret places is just the thrill that some women want. Getting into a relationship tends to be fun and exciting in the beginning but as time goes by, most relationships become a little less exciting. Being with a married or attached man is always a thrill because of the danger of getting caught and apparently some women like that.

3. Trust Issues – Some women don’t have the ability to trust a man so they operate on some weird logic that says “When he’s not with me he is with his wife”. This is the only way that they feel comfortable that their man is not cheating. Presumably the fact that he is cheating on his wife and probably lying to her is overlooked? Yep! Weird.

4. Competition – Some women love competition and snatching another woman’s man is just what they need for a boost in self esteem. Of course most married men who have affairs never leave their wives but there’s always hoping – right?

5. Forbidden Fruit – Much like the woman who loves the thrill of a secret affair, there is a woman who loves the the idea of “eating the forbidden fruit”. The thought of doing something illicit and forbidden is what gets her excited.

 What other reasons do women have for dating married men?