Why Flu Is at Epidemic Levels This Season

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It is that most wonderful time of the year. People are coughing, sniffling, sneezing, and feverish. The flu has hit the country yet again and this time it is an epidemic. The new strain that has struck the US has reached proportions that the CDC is calling epidemic. There have been at least 15 children who have died as a result of this particular strain in the last few months. Data has been collected from 121 cities around the country and from that data officials have determined that 6.8% of the deaths were due to influenza and pneumonia. There has also been an enormous number of patients that have been hospitalized for the flu. Over 2,600 people have been admitted. Out of this number over 38% were elderly patients (over age 65). Pediatric patients (ages 0-4) made up 13.4%. The Midwest region of the country and the Southern states from Texas to the East Coast are reporting the highest levels of infected patients.

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