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When Yes Means No: Tips For Decoding What “Crazy” Women Are Saying

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Couple talkingBy Tamala Turner

Men will often say women are confusing, “crazy” or just too hard to understand. What is usually happening though when a man thinks a woman is being confusing is that he has failed to decode what she is saying.

Below are some things that women say in code:

1. No. – Sometimes “no” actually means “yes”. Some women take great pride in being independent so when you ask “do you need anything”, you will often hear “no”. This happens most often when it comes to money. A smart guy will find creative ways to give her money without actually giving her money. A great example is maybe filling up her gas tank if you notice it is low or grabbing a couple of groceries on your way to her place.
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2. Yes – When you ask a woman who is clearly very upset if she is okay, she will typically say “yes”. A smart guy will know that it’s a good idea to stay close in case she needs a hug or a shoulder to cry on.

3. What? – If you’ve just said something that may be perceived as rude or offensive, “what” really means “I’m giving you one more chance to say something and it had better not be rude or offensive”.

4. Fine! – This means that things are not fine. It means that whoever the “fine!” was directed at better find a way to make whatever they did wrong right because things are not fine and they are likely to get worse. They key here is the tone; if it sounds like it’s not fine, it’s not fine.
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5. Who is “she”: This means “are you cheating on me with her?” It is best to keep your answer short, clear and concise. Avoiding the questions or being ambiguos implies you’re guilty and so does a long, overly elaborate explanation about how and where you met her.
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6. Where are you going? : This means “please don’t go” or “please stay”. Again, the tone is key here. If the questions in a sweet, high pitched voice then it you should probably stay.

7. I’m leaving! – This means “beg me to stay” and “give me a reason to stay”.

What other coded messages do you know?